Saturday, September 26, 2009

Share your class information, pictures of kids and the Discover 4 Yourself Workbook you are studying!

Join in! Add your class information to the map. We want to know all about your class, see pictures and learn what you are learning. We want to see children across the
World "Become Champions for The Word of God."
We need your help to tie it all together. So, don't hesitate this is the day and this is the hour. List your City and State and study to help build a Spiritual Wall of Children who love God Across The WORLD today!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

GET THE NEW DVD - How to Study for Kids

The DVD is awesome!!! It is a great tool to introduce inductive Bible study to anyone. The DVD covers the basics of inductive study and includes songs/motion to reinforce the principles. Even non-readers will pick this up quickly. No doubt they will want to watch the DVD over and over again. The result will be knowing how to study God’s Word for themselves. The kids will come away with the confidence and the skills to do just that. Adults will also be encouraged by the video as they see that inductive Bible study is not too hard for any age group. It is also very exciting that the presentation of the gospel is included as the DVD closes – directly from the text of Titus.

The DVD is set up with two options which make it easy to adapt for different ages or time constraints. (1) You can view the DVD in its entirety - about 45 minutes or (2) chapter by chapter. There are five chapters. Titus is the book being studied.


Monday, September 14, 2009

What More Can be Said

2 Timothy - Becoming God's Champion

Would you love to have your children studying like this? Get them into Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies.
Fall Classes have begun at Precept Ministries International. 2 Timothy - Becoming God's Champion is being taught. Come follow along with us as we uncover Truth by studying God's Word and learn how to truly be God's Champion.
Check back often as we post children's quotes, learned truths, and grow together in one body.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Awesome Study on Revelation

Here's a great study for the kids!! A Sneak Peek into the Future. It's a study of Revelation 8-22 and it's a 7 - week study. Just the right length!

Join Bible detectives Max, Molly, and Sam, the great face -licking beagle, as they explore the Discovery Bible Museum to solve the mysteries in Revelation 8-22!

Discover God's plan for the future and that He alone is in control of all of these events. As you read your Bible, work on great puzzles, and do fun activities, you'll find out what's coming - and understand why knowing Jesus is so important.

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